What is WOFEX Marketplace?

WOFEX Marketplace is an online selling platform for the B2B market segment, destined to be the premier sourcing hub for foodservice.

Get ready to browse and click your way to a brand new WOFEX experience.

Here you will find products that you would normally see in WOFEX events. It offers the convenience to make purchasing decisions by comparing prices and products from a single source.

Users of WOFEX Marketplace can easily add items from various brands, and checkout in one go.

What are the categories?

In WOFEX Marketplace, you will find products and services in these categories:

• FOODPACKPRO – baking supplies, food equipment, packaging, material handling & hygiene supplies, refrigeration

• FOODSERVE – foodservice equipment, beers, wines & spirits, beverages – coffee, tea, specialty drinks

• FINEFOODS – confectionery, dairy, fresh produced, frozen foods, rice/ pasta, packaged foods, seasonings, snacks

• HOTEL SOLUTIONS - beddings, linens, interiors, hotel amenities, laundry supplies, technologies & solutions



Are there required minimum and maximum order amounts?

Depending on the vendor, some products may require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) and will be clearly indicated in the description details. However, we do not have a maximum order amount.


What if the item I am interested in is unavailable?

We will contact you to provide possible replacement options, if any are available.


Can I add more items to my already existing order?

Yes, by placing another order and proceeding to check out. We can consolidate multiple orders then provide you a total billing. This is only possible if check out is done at the same date.


How will I know if my order was received and the transaction was successful?

Since shipping is via courier collect, your chosen courier will be responsible for notifying you once goods / parcels have been shipped have been successfully made.


Can someone from outside the Philippines order from your store?

Yes, provided that the buyer/s will shoulder the shipping cost and corresponding duties and taxes that may arise from the completion of the delivery.


Can I return items?

Our merchants provide the best possible goods for you. We recommend that you check your order upon receiving it, to ensure that everything is in order. This request may need to be investigated thoroughly before returns can be made. You may also contact us via Viber message, or you can send a message to cs@peptarsus.com. Please be sure to provide all the necessary information regarding the item/s that you want to return.


How do I report problems with my order?

Our team will assist and give you the best support that you need. You may contact us via viber message or you can send a message to cs@peptarsus.com. Please prepare all the necessary information that we can use to investigate your complaint.



Can I pay my order when it is delivered to my doorstep?

No, Cash on Delivery is not being offered. Various payment options are available, which are risk-free, most especially since WOFEX Marketplace supports contactless delivery.


How do I see my receipt? / Do I get an official receipt?

You may check your receipts via email after a successful order delivery. For Official Receipts requests, you may contact us via chat on our app or you can send a message to cs@peptarsus.com


What if my credit card payment fails to go through?

If credit card transactions fall through, payments can be settled via PayPal, GCash or e-payment, bank transfers prior to delivery.


Do you give Senior and PWD discounts?

We do not have the facility to validate the claims of Senior and PWD discounts. The government body overseeing online or e-commerce businesses has not drafted a policy on issuing discounts for Senior and PWD. We will follow whatever regulations the government will have on this matter in the future.



Where do you deliver?

We currently service the Metro Manila area but we’re rapidly expanding, in order to provide a hassle-free sourcing experience to more customers.

Do check the description of each product, some products are available in Metro Manila and some include provincial areas.


How will my order be delivered?

For your safety, we support contactless delivery. Upon placing orders you can give instructions such as delivery to the receiving unit or leaving it at a designated place. Once an order has been placed and finalized, your order/s will be prepared and will be shipped to you by our merchants. You will also have the option to book your preferred courier to handle the pick-up/ delivery of your goods.


How does item Pickup work?

Once your order has been checked out, note that it does not include Shipping Cost. Buyers will be notified by the merchants via email or SMS of the corresponding shipping fee which will be settled separately. You have the option to arrange “Pickup” to save on shipping cost.


How long will it take for orders to be delivered?

Shipping Policy


Can I track the status of my order?

Possible, if shipping arrangements are made via reputable delivery couriers that have their own built-in tracking services.


Can I reschedule the date/time of my delivery?

If your order has not yet been prepared, or not yet in transit, you may notify us at least one day before your scheduled delivery. However, once booked or has been picked up by courier, it can no longer be changed.


Can I change the delivery address of my order?

Yes, you can! You may contact us via SMS or you can send a message to cs@peptarsus.com.


Can delivery be through meet-ups?

For safety and security, we do not encourage meet-up deliveries.


Can someone else receive my order for me?

No worries! All you have to do is indicate the recipient’s name and their contact number as a note, which is provided before placing an order. This is for your security and the security of your order. Just make sure someone will receive your goods on the scheduled delivery date, otherwise, it will be endorsed to whoever is available to receive it on your behalf.



Do I need to create an account?

You can purchase outright as a guest or you may create an account for future orders.


Can I have more than one address in my account?

As of the moment, we encourage users to have only one address listed per account.


Can I add an alternate mobile number for my account?

We do not recommend having more than one mobile number under one account. However, you can update it for future transactions.



How do I notify WOFEX Marketplace about fraudulent transactions?

You may contact our Customer Service Team via Viber or you may send a message to cs@peptarsus.com.


I want my business to be a part of WOFEX Marketplace! How do I do that?

You may contact us via chat on our app or you can send a message to cs@peptarsus.com and we will have someone from our Sales & Marketing team contact you.