Spiral Mixer


Spiral Mixer

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  • This Spiral Mixer is specially designed for mixing hard doughs or bread doughs only. It has a fixed bowl and fixed hook attachment. This machine can also remove the airs from the dough. Compared to the traditional kneader and should pass through a roller. This Spiral Mixer do the same job of Dough kneader and roller. So instead of purchasing 2 machines. This Spiral mixer can make it all for your need.
  • Machine comes with fully wooden crated and with 1 year parts and service warranty.
  • SRP in Php 200,000.00 VAT Inc.

Technical Specification:

  • SM-25
  • L-0.93m
  • W-0.61m
  • H-1.26m
  • CBM-0.71m3
  • Net Wt.163kg
  • Gross Wt.193kg