Saniquat MQ4 Plus Disinfectant (1L x 12pcs)


Saniquat MQ4 Plus Disinfectant (1L x 12pcs)

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Saniquat MQ4 Plus is a 4th generation Multi-Quat disinfectant that is active against many harmful microorganisms and is stable in the presence of organic matter and temperature changes. Use this for sanitizing of equipment and utensils in food processing, bars, restaurants, and other industrial setting. Ideal use for home and office. Apply to walls, floors and other hard surfaces such as tables, chairs, countertops, sink, tile, porcelain and bed frames with a cloth, mop or mechanical spray device so as to thoroughly wet surface. For heavily soiled areas, a preliminary cleaning is required. Prepare a fresh solution daily or when use-solution becomes visibly dirty.

  • Kills 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria on hard porous surfaces
  • Great for cleaning and disinfecting areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, tiles, stainless steel and more
  • Leaves no dull residue
  • No rinse formula
  • Multi Surface cleaning power

Size: 1 liter

MOQ: 12 Liters