Proofer / Retarder Proofer


Proofer / Retarder Proofer

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  • For Proofer is used to regulate the temperature and humidity inside so that the rise of the bread would be consistent and to keep the moisture intact.
  • For Retarder proofer it is exactly the same with the function of the Proofer. But this is called Retarder because it has a cooling system that would put the dough on sleep so that you can control fully the time when it would be ready to be put on the oven. Usually, it is bought by our mall bakeshop customers. So that when the mall opens, they can bake the products right away. No need to wait to be proof.
  • Machine comes with fully wooden crated and with 1 year parts and service warranty.
  • SRP in Php 130,000.00 VAT Inc.

Technical Specification:

  • SM32S
  • L-1.10m
  • W-0.86m
  • H-2.17m
  • CBM-2.05m
  • Net Wt.139kg
  • Gross Wt.169kg