Gas Deck Oven / Electric Deck Oven


Gas Deck Oven / Electric Deck Oven

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  • This Deck Oven is used to bake breads, cakes, baguettes, and many other more products. It is best for high end products compared to other deck ovens because it has a high moisture content for your cakes and it can provide a good oven spring for your bread which it look bigger and tasty inside due to the moist and is not dry.
  • Sinmag Deck Oven is a fully automatic deck oven which shuts off the gas or the electricity when it reached your desired temperature so that it would less the consumption for both your gas or electricity.
  • Machine comes with fully wooden crated and with 1 year parts and service warranty.
  • SRP in Php 297,000.00 VAT Inc.

Technical Specification:

  • SM-802T
  • L-1.64m
  • W-1.33m
  • H-1.83m
  • CBM-3.99m3
  • Net Wt.686kg
  • Gross Wt.716kg