Chlorinex Liquide Chlorine Sanitizer (1gallon x 4pcs)


Chlorinex Liquide Chlorine Sanitizer (1gallon x 4pcs)

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Chlorinex is a liquid chlorine based sanitizer widely used in the food and beverage processing industries, institutional and commercial establishments. It is safe, fast and an effective general sanitizer that rapidly eliminates a wide range of harmful bacteria.

      General Use:

  • For foot bath: Prepare 200-400ppm available Chlorine solution
  • For Food Processing: All surfaces to be disinfected should be thoroughly cleaned first and rinsed with water. Apply 100-200ppm Chlorinex by spraying, immersing or flooding the surface to be disinfected. All surfaces should be exposed to the disinfecting solution for not less than 2 minutes. Do not soak overnight.

Size: 1 Gallon

MOQ: 4 Gallon